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All About Walk-In Bathtubs

Shower Shoppe represents the leading manufacturers in the walk-in bathtub industry with the goal to deliver the best valued bathtub for the customer. We offer a wide variety of options to fulfill all your bathing needs. There is gelcoat or acrylic, inward or outward swinging doors, different sizes, different accessories, and much more. We are sure we can find the perfect bath for you.

AcrylicTub Strength

Acrylic Walk-In Bathtubs

Shower Shoppe offers two types of material for walk-in bathtubs. Each has their own advantages depending on your bathing needs. Acrylic Walk-In Bathtubs require a little bit more of a complex process to make them. We heat the acrylic and vacuum form it over a mold, which creates a consistent waterproof layer. Fiberglass is then added for extra stability and insulation. This process allows for many benefits to buying an acrylic walk-in bathtub. One such benefit is that acrylic walk-in tubs are extremely durable. They are thicker than a gelcoat finish which makes them resistant to the normal wears and tears of a regular walk-in bathtub. This means no cracks and no chipping. Since the acrylic walk-in bathtub is so thick and all of the material it’s made of is the same color, the color will not fade. Another benefit of acrylic walk-in bathtubs is that they are easy to clean. Acrylic, unlike gelcoat, is a non-porous material. This makes it harder for bacteria, mildew, soap scum, and other such stains to take hold. Lastly, an acrylic walk-in bathtub will last much longer than a gelcoat one. Since the process of making an acrylic walk-in bathtub is more complex and because they last longer they tend to be on the pricier side.

AcrylicTub Strength

Gelcoat Walk-In Bathtubs

Gelcoat Walk-In Bathtubs consist of a single layer of fiberglass sprayed over the mold. Since gelcoat is a simpler process to make it can be made into many sizes and used in different applications that can’t be achieved with acrylic. Also, they tend to be a more affordable option. Gelcoat is perfect for those on a budget or those looking for more options than an acrylic walk-in bathtub can offer.

Door Type

Inward & Outward Swing Doors

Our walk-in bathtubs come with two types of doors. The inward swing door swings into the tub. This is good for smaller bathrooms that would be harder to maneuver in if the door swung outwards. The outward swing door swings away from the tub. This is a good option for those who need the extra room to enter the tub. Whatever your preference is, we accommodate it.

Sizing & Side Options

Our walk-in bathtubs come in many different sizes to fit every type of bathroom. We have short walk-in tubs to fit your 48 inch shower opening or we have 60 in long comfortable walk-in tubs that come with benefits like the foot massage jets. We also offer end panels to make sure all our walk-in tubs will fit even wider sections. With our walk-in tubs you also get the option of having a right side door with a left side drain or a left side door with a right side drain depending on your preference or bath space.



Shower Shoppe offers many different types of walk-in bathtubs that come with varying features. There are some that offer soaking jets others that have air and hydro jets for massage functions. Some have microbubble jets that create microbubbles to soften and exfoliate skin. You can have a heated seat option for added comfort. There is ozone sterilization which helps to sterilize your tub while bathing. You can add aromatherapy which fills the air with calming scents for increased relaxation. There is chromatherapy which lights up your bathtub with varying colors. This can help to increase relaxation as well. Some come with or without a faucet system depending on your needs and preferences. Some faucet options come with the thermostatic control valve which keeps the water from getting scolding hot or too cold. Other tubs may also come with the 360° swivel tray for a convenient place to put your bathing items. As you can tell there are many different options and features for you to choose from that make finding the perfect bath for you a synch.