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About Shower Stalls & Kits

Shower Shoppe, LLC is an online retailer specializing in complete shower packages and kits as an alternative to custom tile built showers. We work with numerous US shower manufacturers to build out shower packages that allow the consumer to choose various finishes, sizes, styles, fixtures, and features. It’s like a complete shower in a box. Our customers save time on shopping as the shower in the box gives them all the options they need for a complete shower. All of our showers are custom ordered and manufactured to your specifications. This makes each product unique to fit your specific showering needs without the hassle of having to customize it yourself.

Whether you are a contractor or a regular costumer just looking to redo your home bathroom, Shower Shoppe has many options to fit everyone’s needs. We offer multi-piece or one piece shower stalls outfitted with various packages ready to install. There are low threshold showers or barrier free ones. There are so many choices that we are sure you will find the right shower at just the right price.

Gelcoat Strength

Gelcoat Showers

Shower Shoppe’s gelcoat showers consist of a layer of gelcoat sprayed over the shower mold. After that there is a layer of 3/8’‘ wood and finally fiberglass over that to reinforce the structure. The gelcoat material is marine grade(same material used in boats) that can be reinforced with stainless steel rods to prevent warping and to add more strength and durability. Since gelcoat is a simpler process to make it can be made into many sizes and used in different applications that can’t be achieved with acrylic. Gelcoat multi-piece showers tend to be easier to maneuver into the desired place which can make for easier installation. Also, they tend to be a more affordable option. Gelcoat is perfect for those on a budget or those looking for more options in comparison to custom tile showers.

Multi Piece Units

Multi-Piece Showers (Remodeler’s )

Our most popular choice is the Multi-Piece shower unit which comes with multiple pieces that need to be put together upon arrival. The pieces can range from 3 to 5 pieces depending on the shower. The larger panels come reinforced with steel rods that prevent the larger pieces from warping. All walls are reinforced with wood and fiberglass which allows the customer more customization to put accessories where they choose at desired height. This means you won’t have to add any extra studs or a dry wall or wood backing so there is less hassle. Multi-Piece units are a great option for the regular consumer looking to remodel their bathroom. This is because these units have multiple pieces that can make it easier to fit down hallways or through doors. Additionally, we have an aluminum pin and slot system to allow for easy installation. There’s no need to get behind large panels to bolt them together. Installation can be complete in a fraction of the time. Multi-Piece shower stalls are the best option for consumers looking for the fastest, easiest, and most affordable solution.

One Piece Units

One Piece Showers
(New Construction)

Our One Piece shower units are, as the title suggests, composed of a single segment that is pre-molded and can include factory-installed grab bars in predetermined locations depending on the package. They are shipped for immediate placement and ready to install once it arrives. The one piece shower stalls are an ideal solution for those who are constructing a new home. They can be heavier and more cumbersome to move so using them for remodeling a bathroom can be difficult. They can’t be custom fit to angled walls or certain sized bathrooms. However, they are a beautiful choice for a new home and a great option for contractors.

Shower Basess

Standard and
Specialty Showers

In order to get the most out of your shower you have to know about the different types of shower bases. Overall the shower walls will remain the same depending on the package you pick, however you can pick from different shower bases. If the shower base has a threshold it is considered a standard shower used by the everyday bather. We offer many types of low threshold showers that have a small step to get in.

If the shower base doesn’t have a threshold it is considered barrier-free. This makes it a specialty shower. Since there is no threshold barrier-free showers are wheel-chair accessible and a great choice for those with mobility issues. Our barrier-free showers are the most durable in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we reinforce the shower base threshold with two stainless steel bars to prevent wear and tear when a wheelchair rolls over it. Each of our shower bases are shower door friendly and come with a Grip-Sure floor texture that makes for a slip resistant floor. Choosing the correct base for your shower can be a small but critical detail to optimizing your shower experience.

Adaptable Shower

Shower Sizes

All of our standard and specialty showers come in several different sizes. Our most popular sizes are 30x60 and 32x60. About 90% of the bathtubs in the US are in these sizes so this size is a great choice for those looking to replace a standard sized bathtub in an alcove installation. The 36x60 size is a wider shower to provide a roomier and more comfortable showering experience. Another sizing option is the 36x48 showers. These showers are narrower so they are a solid choice for those who want to save space. There are a lot of sizes available to choose from to fit any bathroom.

Shower Packages

With so many options it can be hard to decide which one are the best for you. That is why Shower Shoppe has showers in packages that contain unique fixtures and molds for you to easily customize. You can choose different accesory options, what kind of shower base you want, or whether or not you want a molded seat. Save your time shopping around as the right shower stall options has never been easier to find. Each package can come in white, bone, or biscuit so there’s no worry on whether the package will fit your bathroom. They are also shower door friendly in case you want other options other than a curtain.