Shower Shoppe, LLC is an online retailer specializing in complete shower packages and kits as an alternative to custom tile built showers. We work with numerous US shower manufacturers to build out shower packages that allow the consumer to choose various finishes, sizes, styles, fixtures, and features. It’s like a complete shower in a box. Our customers save time on shopping as the shower in the box gives them all the options they need for a complete shower. All of our showers are custom ordered and manufactured to your specifications. This makes each product unique to fit your specific showering needs without the hassle of having to customize it yourself.

Shower Shoppe also works with leading manufacturers to deliver the best value walk-in bathtubs, bathtubs and bathroom fixtures. Our goal is to make sure shower shopping is an easy, quick, and convenient process for our customers all the while providing excellent quality showers. Our product manufacturers and our staff are passionate about bringing the best solutions into your home for the right price and exactly when you need it. We cut out the middle man by shipping to you directly from the manufacturer and that's how we're able to offer our customers the best prices.

All About Showers

All About Showers

We offer many different options for showers. Our most popular option is the Multi-Piece Shower Kit. These Shower Kits are a great choice for remodeling projects because the shower breaks down into modules that are easy to carry through doors and hallways. We also offer One-Piece Shower Stalls. These Shower Stalls are manufactured into one module and are designed for new construction projects. Whatever type project you have, we have the Shower Stall for it!

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Take a look inside our shower manufacturer

Shower Shoppe has always believed in providing quality made products. We are careful when selecting brands to offer on our website. We even go the extra mile and inspect the manufacturing process of our partners to ensure we only provide quality and affordable made products. All Ella Millennial Series showers, Multi-Piece and One-Piece are manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.

All About Walk-In Bathtubs

All About Bathtubs

We provide a variety of Walk-In Bathtubs with different sizes, shapes and features that add safety, independence and therapeutic benefits to your bathing experience. Whether you would like a Walk-In Bathtub with a foot massage feature or just a soaking tub for relaxing... we have you covered!

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Rob and Amy
Pleasant Grove, Utah

We can't thank you enough for all of your help over the last few years. We were so nervous about making a purchase such as a walk-in tub over the internet, but the tub prices locally were just ridiculous; and not as feature-rich. We saw the advertising for Comfort Walk-In Tubs out of California and we took the plunge. Well, we were so glad that behind that name, the maker and ultimate supporter was Ella's Bubbles. In the beginning, we tried getting support from California, but luckily, they sent us directly to Shower Shoppe.

That's when we met Sergio Aviles and his assistant Eric (at least as much as you can meet over the phone). We have had little things that needed addressing, but Sergio and the support team always had the info, part and even online step-by-step diagrams to show you how to handle it. But once again, the support team was there to help us. Sergio listened to my description of what was happening and offered to find someone locally that I could call. But, since I have a local plumber/electrician that I've worked with for years, we called him. After some time together on the phone, our guy and Sergio diagnosed the problem. Sergio's team put a new part in the mail and it was installed yesterday. Now the tub is purring away like it was brand new.

We really like our walk-in tub, but what seals the deal and why we talk it up to our family and friends, is the amazing support Ella's offers its customers. When you get older, you worry about how you'll get something major fixed if it breaks... especially something you purchased on the internet. Well you certainly put our mind at ease. It's not often that you find a company that makes a great product, AND invests in after-the-sale customer support and service. We have to say after owning on of Ella's Walk-in Tubs for a couple of years now, we would (and we do) recommend Shower Shoppe to anyone looking to build or remodel the bath portion of their home.


My husband and I just purchased a walk-in tub from Shower Shoppe for my mother. She's 81 and common tasks aren't as easy for her as they used to be. She has bad arthritis and aching joints, and fell getting out of her bathtub two months ago. We have been so worried about her living by herself since that incident and had to take action. We hated the idea of putting her somewhere and didn't have the space to move her in with us. On the verge of giving up, our friend told us about walk in bathtubs. We did a lot of research on them and shopped around many stores. We settled on Ella's for many reasons. The features, the quality, the price and not to mention how helpful they were in answering all of our questions.

Getting a walk in bath for my mother was the answer to all of our problems. She can safely get in and out of the walk in tub and we don't have to worry about her slipping and falling anymore. Plus, she can stay in her own home where she loves to be! With the air jets and hydro massage features, she even says her joints are aching like they used to. This walk-in bathtub has truly been a blessing to our family.

Sonora, California
Port Charlotte, Florida

Highly recommended. Provided complete bathroom remodel including installation of a walk in whirl pool bath and a complete electrical and plumbing upgrade for my ninety year old father. Excellent and professional service and skill. My father loves his new bathroom, which makes his life much easier. All of his children love his bathroom because it is simply beautiful. Top notch customer service, would definitely recommend and use again.